[MPlayer-users] Hello, question for group about multiple-sessions!

Alexander Roalter alex at roalter.it
Tue Sep 15 09:43:48 CEST 2009

Oliver Seitz wrote:
>> Hi, I want to open MPLAYER on my windows desktop, and be able to watch
>> two different videos. But when I tried this, the first one runs, but any
>> second instance of mplayer only gives me the audio, and a green
>> background in the GUI. Is there a workaround for this? :)P
> I can give you the cause at least: The video is played
> hardware-accellerated, so your processor has not to do all te work alone
> but it is assisted by your graphics-card. The graphics-card however can
> only accellerate one video at a time.
> I don't know how to tell mplayer to play a video without hardware
> accelleration on windows. The brute-force method would be to disable all
> graphics accelleration in your system settings, but you probably won't
> want that.
> Greets,
> Kiste

mplayer -vo help

to see what output drivers are available, and try some of them (the null
and file output are not that interesting here). Under Windows, directx
and direct3d come to mind, with some of them you should be able to get
multiple videos...


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