[MPlayer-users] Cutting DVD video with the '-sb' and '-endpos' options

RC cooleyr at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 20:50:49 CEST 2009

On Sun, 29 Mar 2009 10:09:54 -0500
Jonathan Busby <jonathanbusby at gmail.com> wrote:

> Unfortunately the part(s) of the source video
> that I marked to be encoded using Mplayer with '-edlout' , 'i' and
> '.' for frame-stepping do not correspond (...) to the part(s) encoded
> in the output video.

Your description is very hard to follow.  If you are saying that you are
frame-stepping to get to the frame in question, then hitting "i" to
generate an EDL entry, I can see why that wouldn't work as expected. 
You may want to try using -edlout with -nosound, or perhaps a low
enough speed value that you can hit "i" accurately without pausing and
frame-stepping through the video.

If you still can't generate an accurate EDL file, you may try editing
the values by hand, or use some other app to generate the EDL file. 
> I've repeated the above only to get the same *exact* results -- the
> timestamps produced by pressing 'i' with the '-edlout' option using
> Mplayer do not correspond to *absolute* timestamps. That is,
> whenever there is a progressive<->interlaced transition in the
> source video that results in a frame rate change the video timestamps
> often get skewed eg. either by being reset, or jumping backwards.

Yes.  Which is exactly what -hr-edl-seek exists to fix.

> So, unless I'm missing something really obvious, it seems that the
> utility of using Mplayer as a cutting tool for non-progressive video
> is nil.

MEncoder isn't designed to be a video editor.  It does just happen to
work well for many of us, however.

Why do you insist on using MEncoder when there are REAL video editors
out there (and I certainly don't mean Avidemux)?

Don't trust me! I'm wrong!

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