[MPlayer-users] **** Your system is too SLOW to play this! ****

Nicola Berndt nb at komeda-berlin.de
Sat Mar 21 20:55:23 CET 2009

  > I have played around with several options -vo sdl which at least 
gives me the full screen using 'c' and 'f' keys respectively.  I have 
also tried xine and it gives me the error that the system is too slow to 
play the movie :(.  On other machines, I have encountered the error 
before, but I have by passed it by using -framedrop and using other 
options in xorg.conf.  Is there anything I can do to make this work 
better, or is it that the nvidia card is not well supported?
>  nVidia Corporation GeForce 8400 GS
> Normally the nv driver has worked well for me and it has been a while since I have not used the nvidia drivers.  
> Thanks,
> Antonio 

Hi Antonio,

I can only recommend using the latest nvdia drivers with vdpau support, 
wich means hardware decoding of mpeg1/2 h264 and vc1! These drivers kick 
ass and make your cpu load drop below 10% for 1080p movies. The only 
downside is that the menu is not working, osd and subs are fine, though.

There are quite some howtos around, so you should bet it up and running 
rather easy..

Good luck!

../nico berndt

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