[MPlayer-users] dvd navigation in mplayer

RVM rvm3000 at ya.com
Sun Mar 15 02:37:09 CET 2009

El Sábado, 14 de Marzo de 2009 23:39, Milton Mobley escribió:
> Hi, folks:
> I recently ripped one of my dvd's to a single ISO image file on disk, and
> tried to play it with the Windows GUI binary version
> of MPlayer. The program plays the file as if it were a single track instead
> of displaying the menus and allowing navigation,
> as dvd drives do. Windows Media Player and some other plyers I tried did
> the same thing.
> I noticed in the source tree there is a folder libdvdnav which has some
> code that appears to be intended to do such operations.
> Is is safe to assume that the Windows GUI version was built without dvdnav
> support ? (I took a quick glance at the configure
> script, but couldn't tell) Or is the fact that input is from a file instead
> of from a dvd device causing it not to be invoked?
> It would seem to be convenient to store dvd's on disk as single ISO files
> instead of gaggles of VOB, IFO, etc. files, especially
> if you have a lot of dvd's you want to archive. If I want to add such a
> capability to the source, would I have to:

You can try SMPlayer 0.6.7 (this version adds support for dvd menus):

It includes a MPlayer build with dvdnav support. 

You need to read the document dvdmenus.txt included in the package to enable 
the dvd menus in SMPlayer, as that feature is disabled by default (it's 
experimental and with known problems).

I didn't test it much on Windows, but I think it worked, even with iso files.


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