[MPlayer-users] dvd navigation in mplayer

Henry Garcia defsyn at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 00:33:51 CET 2009

> I recently ripped one of my dvd's to a single ISO image file on disk, and
> tried to play it with the Windows GUI binary version
> of MPlayer. The program plays the file as if it were a single track instead
> of displaying the menus and allowing navigation,
> as dvd drives do.

dvd drives store data and allow data recovery.

> Windows Media Player and some other plyers I tried did the
> same thing.

> I noticed in the source tree there is a folder libdvdnav which has some
> code
> that appears to be intended to do such operations.
> Is is safe to assume that the Windows GUI version was built without dvdnav
> support ?


> (I took a quick glance at the configure
> script, but couldn't tell) Or is the fact that input is from a file instead
> of from a dvd device causing it not to be invoked?
> It would seem to be convenient to store dvd's on disk as single ISO files
> instead of gaggles of VOB, IFO, etc. files, especially
> if you have a lot of dvd's you want to archive. If I want to add such a
> capability to the source, would I have to:

It appears the latest subversions (svn) built with MinGW do support dvdnav.
 recently incorporated the souce code for libdvdread and for libdvdnav. They
 to be separate from the mplayer tree; but are now included.

The menus appear, at least they do with a regular DVD (haven't tried an ISO
file), but the keyboard mapping doesn't work with the number pad keys or
using the -mouse-movements option on the command line.

But it doesn't look like it would take much effort to get the keys working
windows. The mouse-movements and keyboard mapping is not a problem in
Linux builds.

This is a major leap in windows functionality.

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