[MPlayer-users] download realaudio faster than real time?

Philip Walden pwaldenlinux at comcast.net
Wed Jan 14 00:11:23 CET 2009

Nathan Thern wrote:
> Hello-
> I am using mplayer to download a large number of archived realaudio
> radio streams. I then convert to mp3 so I can listen at my leisure on
> my ancient PDA. So, my procedure is as follows:
>> mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile file27.ra 'rtsp://host/file27.rm?optA=y'
>> mplayer -ao pcm:file=file27.wav file27.ra
>> lame file27.wav file27.mp3
> The first command is the part that is really slow. I believe mplayer
> is downloading and dumping the realaudio stream at real time speed.
> The audio quality (and thus the DL bandwidth) is pretty low, so I'm
> wondering if there is any way to make it download the stream faster?
> regards,
> NT
how about

mplayer 'rtsp://host/file27.rm?optA=y' -ao pcm:file=file27.wav:fast

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