[MPlayer-users] SqueezeCenter Installation

Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski dominik at rangers.eu.org
Sat Jan 3 00:15:28 CET 2009

On Friday, 02 January 2009 at 04:16, C. Andrews Lavarre wrote:
> I want to have AlienBBC 
> (http://www.x2systems.com/AlienBBC/installation.html). It depends on 
> SqueezeCenter (http://www.slimdevices.com/) which in turn depends on 
> mplayer.
> So I need to install mplayer  but have  been totally confounded:
> * I tried the RPM
> => http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/dload.html
> ==> http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/projects.html#unofficial_packages
> ===>http://packman.links2linux.org/package/128,
> both the MPlayer-1.0rc2_r27637-3.pm.3.i586.rpm and the 
> MPlayer-1.0rc2_r27637-3.pm.3.src.rpm source RPM.
> The first comes up with a huge list of unsatisfied dependencies. The 
> latter disappears somewhere on my 70GB disk, haven't found it yet.

Assuming you're running OpenSUSE, that's where you went off track.
You should always use the distribution-provided tools for software
installation. In OpenSUSE's case, you should add packman's repository
to your software sources list and install MPlayer via yast or zypper,
either of which should resolve the dependencies and download them all.

> So then I try to download the svn source: svn checkout 
> svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/mplayer/trunk mplayer
> Nothing happens. Yes, I have all the svn modules installed, but it just 
> hangs.

How long have you waited? It works fine here. Your firewall might be blocking
the svn:// protocol.

> OK, now try for a tar ball. First check the repository:
> 	http://svn.mplayerhq.hu/mplayer/trunk/
> nothing visible there.

MPlayer nightly snapshots are linked from the download page. You must've
missed them.

> So then I try a bz2 source archive: All kinds of googling, no joy, but 
> FINALLY I find
> http://linux.justinhartman.com/FFmpeg,_FFmpeg-PHP,_Lame,_Libogg,_Libvorbis,_FLVtool2,_Mplayer,_Mencoder,_AMR_Installation#Download_all_the_files_needed
> What a joy.
> But alas subversion fails again.
> A work in progress.
> We need to do a lot better.

Perhaps. Any constructive suggestions?


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