[MPlayer-users] SqueezeCenter Installation

C. Andrews Lavarre alavarre at ids.net
Fri Jan 2 04:16:58 CET 2009

I want to have AlienBBC 
(http://www.x2systems.com/AlienBBC/installation.html). It depends on 
SqueezeCenter (http://www.slimdevices.com/) which in turn depends on 

So I need to install mplayer  but have  been totally confounded:

* I tried the RPM
=> http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/dload.html
==> http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/projects.html#unofficial_packages
both the MPlayer-1.0rc2_r27637-3.pm.3.i586.rpm and the 
MPlayer-1.0rc2_r27637-3.pm.3.src.rpm source RPM.

The first comes up with a huge list of unsatisfied dependencies. The 
latter disappears somewhere on my 70GB disk, haven't found it yet.

So then I try to download the svn source: svn checkout 
svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/mplayer/trunk mplayer

Nothing happens. Yes, I have all the svn modules installed, but it just 

OK, now try for a tar ball. First check the repository:
nothing visible there.

So then I try a bz2 source archive: All kinds of googling, no joy, but 

What a joy.

But alas subversion fails again.

A work in progress.

We need to do a lot better.

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