[MPlayer-users] Self-executing

William Houser houserwilliam at juno.com
Tue May 27 18:43:12 CEST 2008

Thank you, Reimar Döffinger, and Wanderer, and any others I didn't see, for your help. I have decided to to go the temp file rout, as it is the easiest way to distribute without all that head spinning talk of offsets and padding. I can whip out a dual-pass h.264 script with no troubles but I have never bother to learn any programming (except a little pureBasic and Pascal ^_^ ) I have found utillity file called Av2exe that uses ffplay and ffmpeg in a compressed self-executable to package the avi, but I would FAR rather use the util that Reimar linked me to,since it uses Mplayer. Thanks for that, Reimar. About Av2exe, though, it is strange. It creates an exe that can be opened in Winrar, but it only shows FFplay.exe and FFMpeg.exe....no AVI. Also, after extraction to a temp folder and playing, it offers to save the invisible embedded file, and even convert it with FFMpeg to other formats. Very basic, no settable options, single pass (waaaay to short a pause for anything else) but still rather handy in a limited sort of way. For any who are curious (it's a little hard to find) here are two direct links.



Or, if you dont trust me, here is the 'only' site google has to offer, and also the site I got it from.


I would be curious to know how this little tool works, but that might not be in the scope of this list. 

Anywayz, thanks to all. Oh, and Wanderer? I do use and am smartest in, MS-Windows, but I also run PCLinuxOS, Ubuntu Haughty Heron, Knoppix, ReactOS, PuppyLinux, GrafPup, TeenPup, my own BigWillieStylePup remaster, BeOS (soon Haiku, I hope), and many various others. Just so you dont get the impression I am a one OS guy ^_~

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