[MPlayer-users] Still not able to use pchdtv-3000 card

Nico Sabbi Nicola.Sabbi at poste.it
Thu May 15 17:53:57 CEST 2008

On Thursday 15 May 2008 17:41:24 C W wrote:

> >did you append -r to the command line in azap?
> >did you try dvbstream from dvbtools.sf.net ?
> >You are simply tuning your channel but not recording it (-r )
> I was using azap -r. Usually, I'd use xine to watch a channel
> called ENCORE in the channels.conf (it's usually one of the
> strongest signals), once I was sure that worked, I'd stop xine, and
> start 'azap -r ENCORE' in an xterm window, and try mplayer in
> another xterm window.
> I tried downloading dvbstream, and compiled it, but I don't
> understand how to use it.  I don't know what I'm supposed to use
> for a pid.  Should I have -vsb 8 or -vsb 16? 

it depends on how the broadcaster is transmitting.
google for the tuning parameters.
When you find the right parameters you can also fill in
you ~/.mplayer/channels.conf as explained in DOCS/xml/en/video.xml
and run mplayer alone:

mplayer dvb://

> Should I have azap 
> running in a separate window?


> When I tried it, it didn't complain, 
> but it didn't produce a dump file either. This was version v0.7.
> I see you're from Italy Mr. Sabbi, so I'll just mention that one of
> the programs I do like to record is "Inspector Montalbano", we get
> him occasionally
> here in San Francisco off of KCSM in San Mateo, with subtitles. 

it's quite popular here, but I never watched it

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