[MPlayer-users] Mpeg-2, mencoder, mplex and tcmplex

Olivier Rolland billl at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Mar 9 17:06:04 CET 2008


I'm trying to create DVD-compliant with mencoder. Everything is
explained in the documentation and it works quite well. However, I
want to create a DVD with multiple audio and subtitle streams. Easy, I
said to myself. Let's encode the video and the audio streams
separately and merge them with mplex or tcmplex. I then took the
command line from the documentation and stripped off everything
related to audio and run it:

$ mencoder -nosound of mpeg -mpegopts format=dvd:tsaf -vf
scale=720:576,harddup -ovc lavc -lavcopts
-ofps 25 -o movie.mpg movie.avi

Just to be sure, I ran dvdauthor on movie.mpg and the result played
just fine with mplayer:

$ dvdauthor -o movie -x movie.xml
$ mplayer -dvd-device movie dvd://1

I then extracted the video stream from movie.mpg and tried to mplex
the newly created file but it just failed:

$ mplayer -dumpvideo -dumpfile video.m2v movie.mpg
$ mplex -f 8 -o movie-mplex.mpg video.m2v
  INFO: [mplex] mplex version 1.8.0 (2.2.4 $Date: 2005/08/28 17:50:54 $)
**ERROR: [mplex] File video.m2v unrecogniseable!
**ERROR: [mplex] Unrecogniseable file(s)... exiting.

I then tried to tcmplex the same file, just in case, but it just failed too:

$ tcmplex-panteltje -m d -o movie-tcmplex.mpg -i video.m2v
tcmplex-panteltje-0.4.7 (c) 2001 Thomas Ostreich and Jan Panteltje
INFO: using reference profile (DVD)
INFO: profile type is (PAL)
ERROR: File video.m2v is not a 11172-2 or 13818-2 Video stream.

I guess the file produced by mplayer are not absolutely compliant to
the MPEG-2 (ISO/IEC 13818-2) standard. How can I fix this ?

Thanks for your help,


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