[MPlayer-users] A question about patented codecs

Jing Min Zhao zhaojingmin at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 06:01:26 CET 2008


Thank you for sharing your experience!

Pre-installed Windows machines also lack support of some codecs. 
Fortunately, we have the almighty MPlayer. I'm still not clear about the big 
companies' attitude to MPlayer, but I think they should at least tolerate. 
It gives every codec owner equal chance not being eliminated from client 

Best rgds,

Jing Min Zhao

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>> people come ask you for help to install such a system, most likely he 
>> sees
>> this box as a DVD player, not a computer. What I mean is, he won't bother
>> to
> This is one of the biggest problems with opensource per se. I constantly 
> end
> up helping people who have bought systems with Linux installed - which is
> great - then get it home to find they can't play mp3s, DVDs, h.264 video,
> real media, etc. All of these have happened to me in the last week.
> Unfortunately the very GPL itself prevents this from ever being solved. 
> It's
> a major stumbling block.
> Phil
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