[MPlayer-users] 5.1 OGG audio mapping to wrong channels?

Ulion ulion2002 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 03:47:27 CET 2008

2008/3/5, Phil <pwsjr1 at charter.net>:
> That's a bit over my head, sorry! I thought perhaps there was a setting
>  I missed. I didn't realize code needed to be changed.
>  When you play the OGG test file after the patch is applied, does the
>  voice match with the speakers? You don't need a 5.1 setup to tell which
>  speaker is used - in a 2-speaker setup, the voice is noticeably louder
>  when in the front speakers than it is in the rear.

yes, code need to be changed, there's different channel order in
ffmpeg and mplayer, since mplayer call ffmpeg to decode ogg so it
should convert the proper channel order. and yes the channel order is
fixed on my machine, since it seems you can not test the patch I
assume the patch is correct and already commited it. you can checkout
the newest svn mplayer to see the fixed result.


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