[MPlayer-users] Getting rid of banding/blocking artifacts in dark areas

Ulrich Lukas stellplatz-nr.13a at datenparkplatz.de
Sun Mar 2 07:54:18 CET 2008


provided I have to make do with less-than-perfect encoded video material
(MPEG-4 ASP), is there a way to significantly reduce blocking and
banding artifacts especially in dark areas?

I've tried -vf pp=aq, -vf spp, -vf uspp etc. with various quality
settings, but the result wasn't really different from unfiltered playback.

In addition, I had to notice that this aspect of video quality looks
much better when using a hardware codec ("full-featured" DVB card / PAL
RGB output) and watching the same material on a CRT TV  instead of the
computer's LCD.

Is this because of the CRTs higher dynamic range or is there really a
postprocessing method to filter out these artifacts/achieve soft
transitions in dark areas of the video material?


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