[MPlayer-users] Next rc or 1.0 anyone

Raimund Berger raimund.berger at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 20:04:06 CEST 2008

Martin Emrich <emme at emmes-world.de> writes:

>> if you use in "production" something you didn't test thouroughly
>> we can hardly be blamed. Ever heard that "the winning team 
>> doesn't change" ? 
> What means "in production"? For me, it does not necessarily mean "I earn
> money with it", but also for my personal use, I "produce" something
> (e.g. archival of my TV recordings). So if it's not meant for commercial
> use, not for private use either, what is it for anyways?

It's the term used by people who don't take any responsibility unless
they get paid, and some of them even then won't. "Why, you used it in
production, it was never meant for that, it's free man ...".

Like you say, with this kind of application anything people do with it
is "production" as long as they care about it and spend time, and
maybe even money.

Think of the home user who mistakes mencoder as something useful, buys
new hardware to do some backups and then finds out how bad things can
go. "Why, you took us for serious? It was never meant for production
man, it's free ...".

Considering that Linux now runs critical parts of the New York Stock
Exchange, I think we know where professionally managed OSS projects
can go, given the right attitude and approach. Although it's free, it
runs in "production".

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