[MPlayer-users] simultaneou stream recording and audio extraction

Duane Evenson duane-maillists at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 19 20:44:40 CEST 2008

Eric Damphousse wrote:
> First off, what a really nice piece of software that is. I discovered this a week ago or so, looking for a way to record live streams coming from the internet. This works! Great job.
> Now for my question. I did do the legwork trying to find an answer, so if I missed anything, please forgive me. I am trying to find a way to extract the audio portion of a stream I am recording while recording it. Simply put, I do not want to wait for the stream recording to be over before I start extracting the audio portion. Everything has to be done at once. Is that possible?
> Thanks
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You should be able to start a second copy of mplayer and play the file. 
You can play it so long as you don't overtake the process laying down 
the video. You won't be able to seek -- actually you can if you add 
-forceidx, but you'll only be able to skip up to the point the file 
existed when the index was made.

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