[MPlayer-users] putting my X-Files collection on disk

wim.delvaux at adaptiveplanet.com wim.delvaux at adaptiveplanet.com
Tue Jun 17 03:18:57 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I have the full X-Files collection on dvd.

It are 6 episodes per DVD, 6-7 dvd per year, 7+ years.

One episode is about 1 hour, 6 per DVD means 6 hours per DVD.  This seems a 
lot since most movies take up one DVD and last about 2 hours.

So it struck me that the quality might be rather low I.e. the compression rate
on the DVD rather high.  I think I have noticed it on the TV screen while 
watching the DVD.

So now my question.  I want to avoid loosing too much quality, yet I want to 
convert these DVD-VOB files to say, avi using mencoder.

What command would I need to use to convert/recompress the episode VOBS 
without too much loss.


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