[MPlayer-users] Playing severely damaged MP3 file

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Mon Jul 7 19:20:11 CEST 2008

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Daniel Taylor wrote:

> Something else is broken with the files.
> I made 2 copies of one of my mp3 files with 13K of data either
> removed from the file or zeroed out and mplayer was able to skip
> across the deliberately damaged portion on both damaged files without
> even telling me anything was wrong.

I suspect that 13K may be too small to exhibit the problem -
specifically, it may be within the probe limit. Where the data was
zeroed from may also make a difference; did you zero data starting at
the very beginning of the file?

> I suspect there may have been something to the effect of a 
> format-converting copy involved in the corruption, such as you would
> get on a MSWindows system if you opened the file without the binary
> attribute, then wrote it back out again. If that is the case, all the
> data is lost.

Nope - with the initial 100k of zero data removed, the file is presently
playing just fine, and is nearly 15 minutes in already. Whether or not
we have yet reached the beginning of the second zero block (nearly 600k)
I don't know, but I haven't heard any noticeable artifacts since the
very beginning.

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