[MPlayer-users] No video output on ivtv/v4l2 TV out

Peter Daum gator_ml at yahoo.de
Fri Feb 29 23:39:58 CET 2008

Russell Treleaven wrote:
>>> You should also be able to use -vo cvidix:ivtv
>> ... unfortunately, this looks pretty much like the original 
>> attempt with -vo ivtv: mplayer cheerfully plays the video, 
>> but doesn't produce any visible output on the TV out :-(
>> I'd suspect that there is a hardware problem, but since the
>> X server works just fine, that can't be the case ...
> What happens when you do this?
> "cat someVideo.mpg > /dev/video16"
> Where someVideo.mpg is an mpeg2 encoded video and /dev/video16 is the
> mpeg decoder.

The sound plays fine, but the screen stays dark :-(

               Peter Daum

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