[MPlayer-users] Compile errors on OS X 10.5.2 with Xcode 3.0 and x264 or faac enabled

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Thu Feb 28 00:42:03 CET 2008

(I have fixed the quoting this time.)

dandjo at gmx.at wrote:

> The Wanderer wrote:
>> dandjo at gmx.at wrote:
>>> Not to forget the attachment, sorry... :)
>> (I have no idea how you managed to break quoting in such a massive
>> way - to the point of not only top-posting, and not only failing to
>> add the usual '>' at the beginning of each quoted line, but
>> actually *removing* the '>' marks which were present in my own
>> reply - but I would like to request that you not do it again.
>> Usually I fix bad quoting by hand before replying, but this is just
>> too much to be worth it.)
> The broken quoting is due to my stubborn web-based e-mail client.
> Sorry for that.

The lack of '>' on the quoted lines is better for this response, and
there may not be a lot you can do about breaking threads short of
changing your mail client (which I would strongly advise if you are
going to be posting to these lists very much), but the fact that you are
still top-posting is still bad - and that has nothing to do with your
mail client.

>>> Hi again,
>>> first of all, thank you very much for your explanation.
>>> I did the steps you told me to (cut off the --enable flags). It
>>> compiled without any error, but... If i try to encode with "-ovc
>>> x264 -x264encopts", MEncoder tells me, that "-x264encopts" is not
>>> an MEncoder option. As you can see in my configure.log
>>> (attached), x264 was recognized correctly. On the other hand, if
>>> i try to encode "-lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4" MEncoder tells me
>>> "FATAL: Cannot initialize video driver". Still something missing?
>>> Thanks a lot.
>> Without the full output of MEncoder, all I can do in either case is
>> guess. In the former case ('-x264encopts' not being recognized),
>> my first guess is that perhaps you now have two copies of MEncoder
>> installed on your system, and your new one (with x264 support)
>> comes later in your PATH and so is not being used automatically.
>> What do 'whereis mencoder' and 'which mencoder' tell you?
> Okay, you are right. "which mencoder" gave me
> "/opt/local/bin/mencoder" which is the version from MacPorts. Do you
> know how to point mencoder to "/usr/local/bin/mencoder"?

Either remove the version which is installed in /opt/local/bin/
(renaming it would also work), or change your PATH environment variable
so that /usr/local/bin/ is listed before /opt/local/bin/. (How to do the
latter depends on a number of things, including but not necessarily
limited to what shell you are using, and is not especially ontopic for
this list.)

    The Wanderer

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