[MPlayer-users] (macosx) How to build a mplayer.app from svn?

William Xu william.xwl at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 02:18:37 CET 2008

David Wagner <dhwagnertx at mac.com> writes:

>   You copy the mplayer binaries to
> mplayerosx/External_Binaries/mplayer.app/Contents/MacOS

Ah, this is a manual step..

> and
> mplayerosx/External_Binaries/mplayer_noaltivec.app/Contents/MacOS
> now cd to mplayerosx, execute 'make' and 'make dist'
> You should now have a file such as "MPlayer-dev-SVN-071205.dmg" in  
> the mplayerosx directory.  Open this in the Finder and double click  
> the installer pkg file.
> Things may have changed since I updated my svn. Read the INSTALL.txt  
> file.

It looks like mplayerosx repo has already included mplayer repo. So a
`make' is enough, and the release files will be placed under

Thanks a lot ! 



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