[MPlayer-users] -chapter support with DVDNAV.

Nico Sabbi Nicola.Sabbi at poste.it
Tue Feb 5 00:55:23 CET 2008

Il Monday 04 February 2008 22:02:21 Alexander Roalter ha scritto:
> Alexander Roalter wrote:
> > 
> > OTOH: subtitle display won't work *that* well. If I change the subtitle 
> > language (pressing j), I only see a few subtitles, then they don't 
> > appear anymore. I'm not sure if this happens along chapter breaks or if 
> > it is a common phenomenon... maybe after this night I'm a bit wiser.
> > 
> checked it out already, and my assumption was right: if using DVDnav, 
> when a certain subtitle track is selected, after chapter breaks the 
> subtitle does not show again.
> Something interesting for this: as stated in the mail I'm replying this 
> to, the subtitles are recognized with wrong IDs from 32 onward. Still, 
> when I cycle through with 'j', the subtitles are from 0 to 16. so it 
> could be possible that the chapter break resets the subtitle 'pointer' 
> to the original number (as specified by -slang, not -sid) and thus again 
> to '32' instead of '0', which is not that good.
> I'll quickly try with -sid 0 instead of -slang en... *a moment please*
> nope, doesn't work with -sid 0 either.

found: at start, after the chapter selection, the function dvdnav_get_position()
fails because some parameter value related to the cell to play next is not
as expected, thus stream->pos is 0 (that means that demux_mpg will seek
back to the beginning of file).
The patch will come, with patience :)

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