[MPlayer-users] Problem with ASS subtitles

Duane Evenson duane-maillists at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 2 23:22:45 CET 2008

Duane Evenson wrote:
> Mplayer runs fine, but when including a ASS subtitle, I get the 
> following types of output:
> 750)}Translator: Kane
> I looked at the subtitle file and here's the offending line:
> Dialogue: 
> 0,0:00:04.47,0:00:08.47,Staff,,0000,0000,0070,,{\fad(750,750)}Translator: 
> Kane
> I read up on the ASS specifications and this line seems legal.
> Is there something I'm missing, or is the problem that mplayer doesn't 
> fully support fades in ASS subtitles?
I forgot to mention I'm using MPlayer dev-SVN-r24645-4.1.1.

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