[MPlayer-users] DVD playback?

Nico Sabbi Nicola.Sabbi at poste.it
Tue Apr 29 11:53:35 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 29 April 2008 11:42:41 mikkel meinike wrote:
> He
> I'll really like to be able to see DVD film with mplays on my box,
> but so hasn't yet been a success for me. my last attempt however
> have given me some hope of a solution. Mplayer were in a position
> to tell me all sorts of information
> about the medium but not display it.
> This mplayer that I am talking about I copied from an older laptop
> where I compiled it some time a go.
> My original intention was to compile mplayer for my new box but the
> compilation failed much to my surprise since it compiled so fine on
> the same gnu/Linux system (vector Linux 4) on an other box earlier.
>  I think it must be the hardware that gives the compilation
> problems. I can maybe explain the compilation problems in a later
> post if that is needed.
> Ok I than copied the binary mplayer from my laptop to the new box
> and it worked right away playing my mpeg and flv files. So I wanted
> to try playing DVD I tried different commands that I looked up with
> google an the one that seems to work the best was when I first
> mounted the DVD drive (when I play CD with xmms I should not mount
> the CD drive first) and than execute the following command:

rc1is way too old.
Diego is working at the build system, but now an svn checkout
should compile and work.
As for your problem playing dvd:// streams  you dind't post enough 
log. Better compile dvdnav as explained in DOCS/tech/dvdnav-howto.txt
and run
./mplayer dvdnav://

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