[MPlayer-users] MPlayer OS X and the Apple Remote

Ulion ulion2002 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 03:19:33 CEST 2008

2008/4/25, Robert Gutendorf <robert.gutendorf at gmail.com>:
> Hey All-
>  I've searched the archives for an answer to my problem, but if I missed
>  something I apologize.
>  When I start MPlayer OS X from the GUI I can use the apple remote just fine.
>  But when I run the mplayer command from the terminal,  I am unable to use
>  remote. Is anyone else seeing this problem?
>  MPlayer OS X (1.0RC2)
>  OS X 10.4

Where did you get the 1.0RC2 version of MPlayer OS X?, it is not
public released indeed.
any way, you can not let two mplayer running at the same time to
support apple remote, only one of them will work.
besides, you said 'run the mplayer command from the terminal', I guess
the mplayer you runned is not same version with the OS X one, you can
check the message head from the mplayer's output to see its version
info. If you want to run same mplayer with the OS X one, you should
find the internal path of the commandline mplayer inside the MPlayer
OS X application and use that one.


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