[MPlayer-users] Playing QHD (3840x2160) material with mplayer

Dean S. Messing deanm at sharplabs.com
Fri Apr 18 15:55:17 CEST 2008

Phil Rhodes wrote:
> So what format is this video in?

24-bit uncompressed RGB (research clips)
made via a modified `transcode' from individual .png files.

> If it's an AVI or something, that shouldn't really
> present a problem - it's just a big disk array, or, if
> it's short, a lot of RAM.

The problem is that I can't  get it to play at anything near
24 fps using any of the mplayer facilities.  I am playing it
out of RAM.

> I'm not aware there's a provision that any playback
> software should intrinsically be able to figure out
> that media size is less than available RAM and
> therefore cache the whole thing. There are many
> situations where that wouldn't be desired behaviour -
> although I'd have hoped you could cause it to be done
> by offering mplayer the right settings.

Who said anything about figuring out the size?  It's QHD material
and the size information is in the header.  


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