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The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Wed Sep 19 02:18:22 CEST 2007

yyang at commscope.com wrote:

> Hi,
>> This line very likely is. It does not see the file in the location
>> where you asked it to look.
>> Am I correct in inferring that you have, in root's home directory
>> ("/root/") on your server machine, a directory called "share" which
>> you are using as the root for your RTSP server?
> I always log my machines as root.

This is very dangerous (assuming you mean "log into"), but it is not
related to what I was talking about.

There are three different things being referred to with the word "root"
here: the root directory of the computer (which has the filename "/"),
the root user of the computer (which has the username "root"), and the
root directory of the server program (which can be any directory on the
server machine).

In the quote above, I was referring to the second and then to the third
of these.

> when I do pwd, it returns
> /root/share
> Here is my the video clip stored on server. 

That is not quite what I was asking.

The question is, what directory is your RTSP server configured to treat
as if it were the root directory?

>> If that is the case, then if your RTSP server follows the same
>> standard as most file server programs I've seen, the file
>> "/root/share/filename"
> Yes, the file (hd.avi) is stored in /root/share

That was obvious from the URLs you tried; it is not what I was talking
about here.

>> would be accessed by the URL "rtsp://server/filename". You do not
>> want to specify the full path as you would use it on the server
>> machine; you want to specify the path relative to the directory
>> your server program is using as its root.
> Sorry, I am not sure I understand this point but I fee it is crucial
> to the problem.
> what directory does my Live server uses? The live server is saved in
> /root. Since it is executible file.

As an executable file, it should properly be in a bin/ directory
somewhere which is also in your PATH. It should very likely not need to
be run as root (this is a general principle), and therefore to avoid
security issues it should not be run as root.

> I always run it by entering
> /root/livemediaserver

That is the server binary. What about its configuration files?

In one of the configuration files you should find a line indicating what
directory the RTSP server program will use as its root directory; this
is almost certainly not the same as the one the binary is in.

You need to put the files you want to serve under that directory
(subdirectories should be fine), and then leave out the path to that
directory when you are forming your URLs.

If, for an unlikely example, your RTSP server's root directory were
"/root/", then instead of "rtsp://server/root/share/hd.avi" the correct
URL would probably be "rtsp://server/share/hd.avi". Does that make sense?

If you do not know what the server program is configured to use as its
root directory, then you need to find out before you can make any files

> I am not a linux guru although I wish to be one.

An admirable goal, though you seem to have quite a ways to go.

All of this discussion, incidentally, would be more appropriate on e.g.
a Live-related mailing list rather than on the MPlayer user list; so far
as I can tell your remaining problem appears to have nothing to do with
MPlayer directly, only with the way you are using the server.

       The Wanderer

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