[MPlayer-users] Mplayer Build Testing

RC cooleyr at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 17:19:57 CET 2007

On Wed, 31 Oct 2007 10:50:35 -0500
Daniel Taylor <dtaylor at vocalabs.com> wrote:

> and the tone of a lot of the responses is flat out rude.

Many people read many different things into text messages.  Messages
on this list may not have "please" and "thank you" all over the place,
but otherwise, there's nothing impolite about 99% of messages on this

> Too many of the responses to people with problems is "compile it in
> debug mode from version control head or we're not going to listen to
> you". 

I'm sure nobody said anything like that last part you made up.  

> While that is a reasonable response to people posting questions
> on a developer list, it is really too high a bar for a users list. In
> fact, I'd wager that better than half of the people who get this
> response have no idea what you are talking about when you say it.

It's extensively covered in the HTML docs.  It's laid out step-by-step,
and quite easy to generate a bugreport by just typing what you are told.
Never the less, people that don't understand often ask for help, and
they get it.

You, however, refuse to put the slightest effort into trying, and insist
on complaining at every opportunity about being required to do ANYTHING.
 You are the exception here.  Yet you expect this list to be re-made to
suit you.

> I understand that everyone posting answers and helping people out here
> is a volunteer, but if you are so fed up with answering the questions
> that you can't put yourself in the end user's shoes for long enough to
> compose a polite reply, you probably should refrain from hitting
> "send".

You say that, and yet you send e-mail after e-mail complaining about
this list, wasting everyone's time, and being extremely impolite.  You
even continue top-posting, despite it being very much against list

No one is interesting in hearing how you happen to think people on this
list should behave.  You've added nothing to any of the discussions
here.  If you want some polite mailing list where nothing is asked of
users, I suggest you find some "beginners" forum somewhere.  No doubt
there are plenty. 

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