[MPlayer-users] Transparent subtitles problems

Rashkae rashkae at tigershaunt.com
Fri Oct 12 15:43:53 CEST 2007

Rob Quill wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been trying to transcode my DVD rips of season 1 of Ghost in
> the Shell but when I try and play the vob file back before transcoding
> it the sibtitles are displayed but they are transparent. That is,
> there is the black outline, and some sort of black lines through the
> middle of all the letters. What I would really like is filled white
> characters, possibly with some black outline.

Sorry, I've never figured out how to get mplayer to give me a decent 
palette for vobsubs.. As far as the language goes however, that is 
because the vob file itself does not contain any language information 
(which is also normally kept in one of the dvd meta info files).  That 
is, mplayer knows the vid has, for example 2 audio tracks (they start at 
128, so that would be 128 and 129), but doesn't know which is english 
and which is Japanese... you have to explicitly specify which audio 
track you want.. ex: -aid 128

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