[MPlayer-users] dumpstream ignores subtitles ?

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Sat Oct 6 13:56:41 CEST 2007

Abylai Ospan wrote:

> Sorry, I've made stupid mistake :)

And you just made another, possibly less stupid, one, by top-posting.
Please do not do that again. (If you do not know what the term means,
please look it up on Google before you post another reply.)

> I want to combine (not split) video and subtitles. I'v already have
> subtitles as text (Revolution_OS.srt) ...
> Is it possible ?

Yes, but you're going about it completely the wrong way.

When you say '-dumpstream', you are telling MPlayer 'Take the input file
and duplicate it completely unchanged in the output file". In order to
add the subtitles, you have to change the video, which of course
involves changing part of the file.

Addng hard subtitles to the video the way you want to cannot be done
with MPlayer, but can be done with MEncoder. If you replace the part of
your command which reads 'mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile' with 'mencoder
<ENCODING OPTIONS> -o', that should I think get the job done.

Choosing the right encoding options can easily be a complicated task,
but in this case I can say more or less for certain that you will want
to include, at bare minimum,

-of mpeg -oac copy

so that MEncoder will produce an MPEG file instead of an AVI file and
copy the audio unchanged into the new file.

Beyond that, please read the documentation and experiment with possible
options until you find something which suits you.

       The Wanderer

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