[MPlayer-users] RE : Re: Opaque VOBSUB playback in XV mode and colorspaces

Ludovic Dupont ludov_dupont at yahoo.fr
Wed Oct 3 01:15:28 CEST 2007

Well, thanks for such a quick answer.

"-vf format=yuy2" (with an appended "scale" or not)
doesn't change a thing... picture is still ok, but
subtitles are still ugly...

"-vf format=uyvy" renders a totally corrupted display,
unless appended with a "scale"... though in this case,
there is no better towards the semi-transparency

... you say this is something left aside
intentionnally, but do you think it is worth
bugreporting or will it get directly classified as
"won't fix"? Or is it even being worked on (I haven't
SVNed mplayer by myself for quite a long time)? I'm
quite surprised that almost nobody would think it is a
major lack... sure, vobsubs are readable that way
(most of the time), but I think it is really unclean,
which is, imho, too bad for the really very best (and
by large) video player on Linux...

Anyway, I may stick to x11 instead, but that is quite
a major pain too...



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