[MPlayer-users] MMS streaming issue (stream resumability)

Jorge Fábregas jfabregas at onelinkpr.net
Thu May 10 01:38:02 CEST 2007

Hello guys,

I've been capturing a daily radio show for almost a year now with mplayer. I 
have everything set on my crontab and all is automated. I just use the 
dumpstream option and I set the cache to 2048. However, my success rate is 
about 90% :(    When it fails I get this in STDOUT :

----------------------------- cut here --------------------------------
unknown object
unknown object
unknown object
unknown object
unknown object
read error:: Resource temporarily unavailable
pre-header read failed
-------------------------- cut here ------------------------------------

Apparently a brief connection interruption is what is causing this.  Do you 
know of a way I could keep mplayer alive and just resume from the failure 
point onwards?  Or are you aware of any TCP parameter that I could adjust on 
Linux in order to work-around this?


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