[MPlayer-users] play RTP packets?

sergey.bryukov sergey.bryukov at samsung.com
Fri Jan 19 06:48:08 CET 2007

Hello! Im newbie in decoder and Mplayer.


I have a set of IP packets in the file and stream configuration like below 



o=- 1138786992980755 2 IN IP4


c=IN IP4

t=0 0

m=audio 5566 RTP/AVP 97

a=rtpmap:97 mpeg4-generic/32000

a=fmtp:97 streamtype=5; profile-level-id=15; mode=AAC-hbr; config=1290;
SizeLength=13;IndexLength=3; IndexDeltaLength=3; Profile=1;

m=video 5564 RTP/AVP 96

a=rtpmap:96 H264/90000

a=fmtp:96 profile-level-id=42c0XX;
sprop-parameter-sets=Z0LADZtAoPiA,aN4liA==; packetization-mode=1;



I extracted RTP and keep it into file. Besides that I've extracted NAL units
and keep it into AnnexB format to the another file.

Can I play my files with in Mplayer?

Witch command line options I should use to configure MPlayer for play IP
packets, RTP or NAL units?




Thanks so much!!




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