[MPlayer-users] libdts -> libdca: a change in the library name

ajaxas ajaxas at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 10:56:01 CEST 2007

In version 0.4 of libdca (SVN) the library name was changed from former libdts to
libdca (that's logical). Mplayer's configure script doesn't find libdca.so* files
automatically, and so doesn't include libdca support at all.

I created symlinks:
/usr/lib/libdts.so -> ../libdca.so.0.0.0
/usr/lib/libdts.so.0 -> ../libdca.so.0.0.0

- and got that libdca support. Mplayer compiled OK, so the only thing that must
be fixed is the library's name (somewhere in the code).

ajaxas <ajaxas at gmail.com>

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