[MPlayer-users] Regression: Subtitles too high when playing through DVB

Philou philou at philou.org
Sat Mar 11 01:54:55 CET 2006


I've noticed that since a few months, subtitles played through DVB with the mplayer plugin
of my VDR box are too high on the screen.

You can have a look of a faulty mplayer version (few days old CVS) here:

http://philou.org/subtitles-too-high2.jpg (same picture , a bit closer)

I've found out that with CVS version from 2005-09-24, subtitles location is ok

But with another mplayer CVS from 2005-12-22, problem still occurs.

Any idea ?

I'll do some dichotomy to find out the exact day where problem occured



PS: Box is PIII, Siemens/Technotrend DVB FF 1.3 card

PPS: sorry, this mail is a resend from mplayer-dvb, but i felt like the list
was kind of dead, no post since January 30th. Hope that's ok.

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