[MPlayer-users] Any ideas on converting to dv format?

bonnie clyde nospace at shaw.ca
Mon Jun 26 07:13:01 CEST 2006

Ivan Kowalenko wrote:

> Kino can't do format importing? Most other tools I've worked with  
> can. You should check it out, it could save you a lot of time,  
> effort, and disk space.
Kino can import avi files, but it's not working on my system... probably 
a lib failure somewhere. I'd probably have better luck with mplayer, but 
it was the gui I was after.

> You'll need LibDV installed, and then you'll have to recompile  
> MPlayer to use it. Just use mencoder and output to livdv, but make  
> sure you scale up to 740x480 and have the framerate set properly.
> I've had problems with libdv before, however, and it's far from  
> perfect. YMMV. Good luck.

Sweet!! Thanks for the tip. I'd rather have buggy code then buggy code I 
can't trust;)


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