[MPlayer-users] AAC/HE-AAC/aacPlus Audio Reference Streams

Greg J. Ogonowski greg at orban.com
Fri Jun 23 10:07:12 CEST 2006


Thanks for your reply.

aacPlus v1 LATM Streams
rtsp://  Single AAC Frame per RTP packet
rtsp:// Multiple AAC Frames per RTP Pack - 
Packet Optimized for target MTU 1500.

aacPlus v1 MPEG-4 Streams
rtsp:// Multiple AAC Frames as above
rtsp:// Multiple AAC Frames as above (AAC only)

Let me know if there is anything else you need.

At 00:37 2006-06-23, you wrote:
>Greg J. Ogonowski wrote:
>>I am new to this list.
>>I would like to make available our AAC/HE-AAC/aacPlus Reference 
>>Streams for mplayer development.
>>I don't know if I should have posted this message in the 
>>development list or not. I was afraid of the warning message! :)
>>DO NOT USE the Windows Media Player Plugin URLs. They are specific 
>>to the Plugin. Use the direct stream URLs listed below each of the 
>>Plugin links.
>>VLC plays all of these streams, however, mplayer does not seem to 
>>support any HTTP Tunneled, 3GPP LATM, or Icecast2 
>>AAC/HE-AAC/aacPlus audio streams.
>dunno about shoutcast, but mplayer compiled with live555 libraries 
>is supposed to be able to play
>latm streams.
>Any chance to get some latm stream on file for devel/testing purposes?
>It's time to add a demuxer to libavformat for this kind of stuff
>>Any chance you would consider support for these streams?
>>If you need a description of the difference between a SHOUTcast and 
>>Icecast2 player implementation, please ask. It is very minor, 
>>although different enough to prevent the streams from playing.
>>I will add mplayer to our list of supported players.
>>Please let me know if you have any questions.
>>Please also let me know if this should be posted in the development list.
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