[MPlayer-users] [MPLAYER] Cannot play wmv files

Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 23:28:46 CEST 2006

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On Jun 18, 2006, at 11.30, tommmmmm wrote:

>>> How to make sure? And moreover, do i need to?
>> > ... because you need to set up a chroot environment with all  
>> necessary
>> 32bit
>> > libs and devel packages. Don't ask us how. Your distribution  
>> docs should
>> > answer that question.
> This is way too troublesome. It is the most complicated solution  
> among all
> !!!!

Oh, sorry. We'll redesign the entire system just to please you. Of  
course, it'll break a lot of new, and innovative features, and it  
will stifle future developments. But just for you! Because your  
system is different from ours, and you expect us to do everything for  
you. If you wanted that, just switch to a Mac OS X system, or get a  
more standard PC.

For the record, that doesn't seem too troublesome to me. I read the  
Debian documentation so I could set up an Etch bootstrap system, just  
so I could test a few programs. If you actually READ the  
documentation, it might turn out not to be that hard (maybe six  
steps, and an hour or eight (depending) of waiting while things are  
downloaded, copied, and/or compiled).

> Just tell me the line that i need to edit in mplayer source to make  
> mplayer
> use 32bit codecs !!!!!

Uhh, not all of us use 64-bit systems. We don't know. That's why we  
told you to look up the answer for yourself.


No. Me no talk English good.

> and don't joke with me about distribution docs, it's not fu**ing M$  
> support
> webpage.

We weren't joking. We were serious. Look up the documentation for  
your distribution. Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, all have very  
good documentation that should tell you everything you'll ever need  
to know about manipulating the system. Trust me!

>> Judging by the output you provided in your first post, you didn't run
>> > make distclean
>> > before re-running ./configure after having compiled MPlayer from  
>> that
>> tree.
> make  distclean was not necessary !!!!! I untarred/unzipped all of  
> the different mplayers

I don't recall you telling us that.

> and then, RIGHT AFTER it, I tried to build it along with the  
> instructions from faq.

Yeah, the FAQ is a sort of generic solution. It doesn't help with  
some odd-ball systems, custom configurations, and weird libraries. In  
the event your system isn't a John Q. Public x86-32-bit machine,  
you'll probably have to do some tweaking.

> An even to make you feel pleased, I did make distclean and it still  
> didn't work. happy?

Yes, because it eliminates the possibility that some improperly  
compiled code was interfering with your build.

> I am not. Why everyone is always hiding the solution from my eyes...

Well, we DID point you to a solution: read the documentation on how  
to set up a 32-bit environment, then build MPlayer in that. You're  
just not willing to do some work.
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