[MPlayer-users] [MPLAYER] Cannot play wmv files

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Sun Jun 18 22:29:46 CEST 2006

tommmmmm wrote:

>>> How to make sure? And moreover, do i need to?
>> ... because you need to set up a chroot environment with all
>> necessary 32bit libs and devel packages. Don't ask us how. Your
>> distribution docs should answer that question.
> This is way too troublesome. It is the most complicated solution
> among all !!!!

Sometimes, correct solutions are complicated.

> Just tell me the line that i need to edit in mplayer source to make
> mplayer use 32bit codecs !!!!! DO I SPEAK MYSELF CLEAR ???

Why do you think that changing a line (or so) in the source will do the

By my understanding (which could be incomplete), in order to use 32-bit
codecs, you need a 32-bit MPlayer. In order to be able to run a 32-bit
MPlayer, you need 32-bit libraries. In order to have 32-bit libraries on
a pure 64-bit system, you need to do what he told you to do. It is not
our business to know what the necessary packages are and how the
necessary paths must be arranged for every possible distribution; that
is why he told you to read the documentation for your distribution.

(And shouted demands are almost never likely to get you the kind of
answers you want, even if such answers exist - which in this case they
almost certainly don't.)

> and don't joke with me about distribution docs, it's not fu**ing M$
> support webpage.

(Attacking people who are spending their spare time to not only create
the program you're asking about but answer your questions about that
program isn't likely to get you the kind of answers you want either.)

"Joking" doesn't enter into it. The things which have to be done to get
things working corecctly under your distribution are not necessarily the
same as the things which have to be done to get things working under any
arbitrary other distribution; we do not know what has to be done in your
case, and your distribution's documentation is the best place to look
for that information.

Unless you mean that your distribution doesn't *provide* any
documentation, in which case you're probably SOL. (But you could still
have been far less rude about saying that.)

>> Judging by the output you provided in your first post, you didn't
>> run
>> make distclean
>> before re-running ./configure after having compiled MPlayer from
>> that tree.
> make  distclean was not necessary !!!!! I untarred/unzipped all of
> the different mplayers and then, RIGHT AFTER it, I tried to build it
> along with the instructions from faq. An even to make you feel
> pleased, I did make distclean and it still didn't work. happy? I am
> not.
> Why everyone is always hiding the solution from my eyes...

What reason could we possibly have to hide the solution? You just aren't
willing to do what you've been told you need to do.

Yes, if you've just unpacked a clean tarball, 'make distclean' will be
utterly unnecessary unless the tarball was created incorrectly. However,
he had no way of knowing that your source tree was fresh from a tarball
and had not previously been compiled; if any previous compilation has
taken place, which in many/most cases it has, 'make distclean' is one of 
the most standard fixes for any compilation problems.

       The Wanderer

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