[MPlayer-users] FFMpeg or MEncoder ODML problem

Heimdall Midgard heimdalle at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 21:59:23 CEST 2006

The problem I'm about to describe involves either ffmpeg or
mplayer. Since both projects are hosted at mplayerhq.hu, I'm
reporting this here first in the hope that this is not a bug but
a simple configuration issue.

The problem is with OpenDML AVIs encoded by MEncoder using
certain audio/video codec combinations. There's an "echoing"
effect in the audio of the OpenDML AVIs when I play them using
ffplay. The effect can also be heard in videos re-encoded from
the OpenDML AVIs via the ffmpeg libraries (for example, by using
the third party program ffmpeg2theora).

The command I use to produce the OpenDML AVIs is:

mencoder -vf eq2=1:1:-0.02:1,hqdn3d=8:16:6,pp=h1/v1,harddup -ovc lavc
-lavcopts vcodec=ffvhuff:vstrict=-2 -oac pcm -o output.avi input.avi

The input AVIs have the following properties (mplayer -identify):


Apparently the "echoing" effect only occurs with AVIs I encode
using a combination of PCM and a low compression video codec like
ffvhuff, ffv1 or huffyuv. I realize that ffvhuff and ffv1 are
experimental codecs. However the problem also occurs with AVIs
encoded using PCM and huffyuv.

The "echoing" effect does not occur: (1) if I encode without
OpenDML or (2) if I encode using high compression codecs like
MPEG4 or AC3.

Is this an FFMpeg or an MPlayer problem? Any suggestions or fixes?

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