[MPlayer-users] Can Mencoder generate "mpeg-es" files with sound?

hob4bit - hob4bit at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 18 08:21:55 CEST 2006

HI, yes WMP is very stupid. It was my stupidity. I worked out how to make 
WMP play the
movie. I made an AVI file by accident as I forgot the "-of mpeg" option:


Once fixed:


I used:

$MENCODE -ovc lavc -oac lavc -lavcopts \
abitrate=$ARATE $FLAGS -of mpeg -o "$@"

I had to write wrapper scripts called "xvid", "divx" and "mpg" to make WMP 
playable files.
Mencode is very good software but the options are difficult to understand. 
However, it is not
as hard to understand than "transcode". The "mplayer -identify" option is 
sure useless


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>"hob4bit -" <hob4bit at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi, thanks. I am very puzzled as to why Mencoder generated "mpeg-ps"
> > cannot  play in Windows Media Player.
>Well, 99% of the time it's asked, it's a case of user error.  Post the
>command-line you're using to create these files, and I bet I can spot
>the problem.
> > I have some other "mpeg" files that do and they also  claim
> > to be "mpeg-ps" according to "mplayer identify". Are there two
> > different  types of "mpeg-ps" or WMP is very stupid?
>mpeg-ps is just the container, it could be any of a number of
>audio/video codecs or settings (1000fps) that WMP can't play.
>And yes, WMP is very stupid.
>Please don't top-post in the future.
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