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The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Wed Jun 14 20:41:47 CEST 2006

Corey Hickey wrote:

> Thomas Bourdon wrote:
>> Hello !
>> Sorry for my poor english, because I'm french.
>> For me, mplayer is the greatest multimedia player I've never used.
>> So I never have to use any other player.
>> But I don't understand why we need to compile with --enable-gui to
>> use the option -enqueue of mplayer.
>> I don't use GUI but I compile it just for this option.
> I'm confused -- without the GUI, what do you use -enqueue for?
> According to the man page and a quick look at the code, -enqueue does
> nothing when the GUI isn't used. I don't use the GUI either, so I
> might be missing something.

Well, intuitively, there's no reason you should have to have a GUI to
have a manipulable queue of "files to be played in order"; moosic, which
I use routinely, doesn't have and couldn't use a GUI but its entire
purpose in life is manipulating such queues.

MPlayer appears to have implemented its manipulable playlist purely as a
bit of graphical-interface sugar, but there's no inherent reason it has
to be that way.

> By any chance are you talking about playing multiple files from the
> same command? If so, you can just do anything like:
> $ mplayer a.avi b.mp3 c.ogg dvd://1

The difference between this and an '-enqueue'-like uption is that this
form only allows you to affect the list of files to be played at initial
runtime, whereas '-enqueue' would allow you to append files to that list
while one of them is still playing. (Useful primarily with audio files,
I expect, but still far from useless.)

>> Very sorry for my english, I hope you understand me !
> Don't worry, it's good enough.

I've certainly seen (and even, I think, occasionally responded to) much

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