[MPlayer-users] How to encode an ogg with mplayer?

Alexander Roalter alex at roalter.it
Tue Jul 18 16:45:11 CEST 2006

Sean Hammond wrote:
> I have a .dump file I created long ago with mplayer of some really
> great music. It only plays in mplayer. It's encoded in some mplayer
> native format. I've heard that it's possible to use mplayer to encode
> this file into FLAC, Ogg, or something else that gstreamer-based
> players can play, and that I can burn to an audio CD, etc. I have read
> the mplayer man page, but honestly I can't figure it out.
> Can anyone help me to encode this file into another format?
as long as mplayer can play it, there's always a way...

you might play the file with -ao pcm, which creates a file audiodump.wav 
in the current directory.

You can later compress it with oggenc to a ogg file, or do whatever you 
want. You still might have to do some more tweaking if the sampling rate 
does not match, b/c for CDs you oughta have 44.1kHz with 16bits per 
channel (and 2 channels).

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