[MPlayer-users] Is there any way to clear Mplayer's internal cache/buffer via an external command/trigger?

Andy Tai atai at atai.org
Thu Feb 16 21:16:50 CET 2006

Hi, Mplayer normally will cache some data before it renders them. 
This improves playback performance but sometimes it may be desirable
to tell Mplayer to drop all existing data already cached and to start
receiving data anew.  For example, if I want to switch to a new video
in a RTP stream, and I just start sending the packets of the new video
in the stream, Mplayer will treat  them as continuous and keeps
rendering the already received old content until all of them are
"digested."  This looks strange and I would like to be able to
immediately drop the old content already received and to start the new
content, even if there would be some delay before the new content can
be decoded and rendered.

Thanks for any info on this,

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