[MPlayer-users] Extract .srt file from DVD

Rickard Närström rickard.narstrom at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 17:48:44 CEST 2006

tisdag 22 augusti 2006 14:27 skrev Muhammad Ichsan:
> Dear All,
> Is there any way to extract subtitle file from DVD with mplayer or
> mencoder? I've been googling but nothing found. I would like to
> extract directly from DVD than saving the vobs to my disk first. Is
> there any way?
> Thanks

No MPlayer can't extract it to .srt, but idx/sub, ex:
$ mplayer dvd://1 -dumpsub -vobsubout vobsub

This will creata a vobsub.idx and a vobsub.sub --- Note: this is image data -- 
each subtitle is stored as a image.

To convert vobsub to SubRipper (.srt) I usually use subtittleripper

There are tre tools you use to convert the subtitles:
1. vobsub2pgm -- this vill extract all images from the .sub file and create 
one file for each image.

2. pgm2txt -- this will convert the images to text using OCR (some words may 
end up misspelled)

2. srttool -- this will put all the txt files togetter to one .srt file.

(timestemps are in step 1 extrakted form the .idx file in an other file, to be 
merged to the finnaly .srt file in step 3)

More info:

thay use transcode and subtitle2pgm instead of mplayer and vobsub2pgm... the 
other steps are the same.

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