[MPlayer-users] Bug 1 of 2: MKV fast forward doesn't work correctly - Mac OS X 10.3.9

Ergzay ergzay at everyoneproductions.com
Sat Apr 15 08:20:17 CEST 2006

On 2006/04/14, at 16:08, Ivan Kowalenko wrote:

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> On Apr 14, 2006, at 01.55, Ergzay wrote:
>> On 2006/04/14, at 2:09, Alexander Strange wrote:
>>> On Apr 14, 2006, at 2:02 AM, Guillaume POIRIER wrote:
>>>>> Like I said it happens with ALL and ANY mkv files.
>>>> All of them work just fine on my machine (debian-based x86-64), and
>>>> they have always been. Seeking is fast and accurate. No problem
>>>> whatsoever.
>>>> The problem _may_ be with Mac OS X, but if it's the case, you're all
>>>> alone: few ppl on the core team have that setup thus, it's hard for
>>>> them to reproduce the problem and fix it.
>>>> Guillaume
>>> I'm pretty sure this problem occured on all platforms when the audio 
>>> delay patch was added, but Corey fixed the bug shortly afterwards 
>>> and seeking started working again in mkv for me, on OS X.
>>> Maybe you should make sure you're completely up to date and 
>>> distclean/re-configure/build from scratch?
>> Well I just a few hours ago built mplayer from CVS so the problem is 
>> current. A few weeks ago I did a completely clean compile and 
>> installation on my desktop dual 2.5GHz G5 and that exhibits the same 
>> problem.
> I'm running MPlayer CVS from Feb 01 2006, and my only problem is the 
> inability to rewind MKV files. I'm running OS X (10.4.6) on a G4 (1.07 
> GHz). You know, this might not be a problem with MPlayer. I've noticed 
> that certain video outs can cause odd problems. For example: 
> cropdetect doesn't work with Core Video, but runs fine with Quartz. 
> What VO are you using?

Well I use the one titled macosx. It's the default if your computer 
supports it. This may be specific to the OS as well. I am running 
10.3.9. I have no problem rewinding mkv (its usually how I get to where 
I want to fast forward to, fast forward then rewind by normal steps to 
the place) but when I try to fast forward it does an exponential 
increase in fast forward amount the closer I am to the end of the 
video. So if I am half way through a half hour video and hit the over 
arrow once (which is set as default to go forward 10 seconds) it once 
it will sometimes jump to the end and close the video or almost to the 
end. If I fast forward at the beginning it goes forward about 15-20 
seconds instead of 10, a much smaller amount.

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