[MPlayer-users] -idle (also see -slave)

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Thu Sep 29 17:50:47 CEST 2005

Alexandre CONRAD wrote:

>>> Aaaah, ok. lol. Is the current CVS stable enough ?
>> According to most people, almost always. (This is true of MPlayer
>> although not of many other projects.) I've only seen one person
>> complain about CVS-version instability with respect to MPlayer, and
>> the problems he's raised don't seem (from my hole-y memory) to be
>> ones the average user is likely to encounter much.
> Ok, I got today's CVS but I have a problem with vesa. I do need vesa
> output.
> ./configure won't detect vesa:
> Checking for VESA support ... no
> ./configure --enable-vesa sets
> Checking for VESA support ... yes

In MPlayer's configure, '--enable' means "do not attempt to detect,
assume that it is present and compile as if detection had succeeded". It
is rarely useful.

In order for VESA to be detected as present, you need to have the VESA
development files on your system - either installed in a package or
installed from a separate compile. Specifically, you need to have a file
called vbe.h in your include path somewhere, and you need to have
libvbe.a and liblrmi.a in your linker path. I have not the faintest clue
how you can get those, especially since I don't know what distribution
you use, but it shouldn't be impossible. (Then again, I don't have VESA
detected myself... never bothered to dig deep enough.)

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