[MPlayer-users] Pitch change audio filters for MPlayer/mencoder

Antonio tritemio at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 10:07:30 CEST 2005

2005/9/13, fAX k.root <fax at 012.net.il>:
> Does anybody knows about filters for changing a pitch of an audio on the
> fly?
> Let me explain myself in details. From time to time I have to see
> recorded lectures and I manage to understand the material at x1.7-2.0
> play speeds (I also save my time in such a manner). The problem is that
> the lecturer's pitch gets extremely high there and it is difficult to
> understand him and I'm getting tired quickly. A friend of mine has shown
> recently a Windows player (I think it was WM 10, but I can be mistaken)
> that has a required functionality. I have no Windows on my PC and I'd
> love to have the similar functionality.

For this kind of work I like to use freqtweak. It has something like
a-256 band graphical equalizer (very useful to remove hiss and to
emphasize the voice from the background) and a pitch shifter that can
shift up or down every single frequency of your signal. You can use
freaqtweak with mplayer using jack (Jack Audio Connection Kit). Since
this work doesn't need very low-latency you don't need to patch the
kernel... simply install jack. I add, in the case you don't know jack
jet, that the preferred way to launch jack is via the qjackctl GUI.

There's so much in the linux-audio realm that you can make your
windows-friends to be envious ;-).

  ~ Antonio

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