[MPlayer-users] Splitting Video files for Fat32?

raid517 raid517 at ukonline.co.uk
Sun Sep 11 16:36:20 CEST 2005


OK well as ever you pewople have some odd etiquet. I'm not sure I even still get it. I have been on quite a few lists in the past and have never heard of this.

It's odd I think how some communities when left in isolation for long enough will develope their own rules and social practices.

Just for the record though I'm hardly a n00b. I haven't used an MS operating sytem for 5 years (Debian only) and don't think that the 3 or 4 lines of quoted text was excessive - and it would have been a lot harder to know what I was going on about if I hadn't quoted it. I haven't quoted any text here, so how will people who are new to this topic know what I'm talking about?

Anyhoo,as I said, thanks guys. I will look into that. I think it might be quite hard though to calculate the exact start time and stop time of every individual movie. Is there some kind of front end to mencoder that would make splitting files easier?


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