[MPlayer-users] AverTV + mplayer + MS Windows

Phil Oleynik oleynik.phil at mail.ioffe.ru
Sun Sep 4 16:40:14 CEST 2005

Alexey Moskvin wrote:

>Hello mplayer-users,
>  I want to watch TV (via Aver TVTuner 307) working with MS Win.
>  In man_page.html (included in the distro) I've found this:
>  "device=<value>
>   Specify TV device (default: /dev/video0).
>  "
>  What should I specify here in Windows?
>  Could anybody show me some some examples of command-line
>  instructions, which will run mplayer for playing TV-programs?
>  Thanks.
Hello Alexey,

I do not know answer about your question, but I think I should notice 
one thing.
If you are going to watch SECAM D/K tv program in linux with Aver 307, you
probably won't succeed in this. Drivers for linux lack support of SECAM D/K
norm. Probably, the same thing is in Windows, if not, please report what 
you done to get it work on w32

Это правда, даже 2.6.11 не кажет секам...

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